25 George Takei Quotes About LGBT Rights, Activism, and More

We’ve been anxious to set eyes on the new George Takei documentary, To Be Takei, ever since our own Jason Bailey reported good things from Sundance earlier this year. He wrote: “Director Jennifer M. Kroot’s film mostly aims simply to entertain (and it does so), hopscotching through Takei’s unusual life, complimenting it with his own commentary (often accompanied by his distinctive, throaty laugh), and documenting his relationship with [his husband] Brad.” The actor and activist has been an outspoken voice in the LGBT rights movement, lending his whip-smart sense of humor and wisdom to the running Internet commentary. To celebrate the release of To Be Takei, we’re looking back at some of the former Star Trek icon’s greatest quotes about activism, LGBT rights, and more.


“The world has changed from when I was a young teen feeling ashamed for being gay. The issue of gay marriage is now a political issue. That would have been unthinkable when I was young.”

“I’m heartened to see many young people today able to come out proudly, with nary a bit of drama or pain. That, of course, isn’t always the case, and it is still very hard for many to come to terms with their sexuality, whether out of fear of rejection, or the teachings of their particular religion. Just the other day on my Facebook page I shared the story of a high school senior couple, two boys, who were voted by their school as the ‘cutest couple.’ It wasn’t a question of straight or gay, they were simply a delightful, beloved couple. That never would have been conceivable even 20 years ago, let alone the 60 years that have passed since I was a high school senior. I say to young people, the world is changing, and changing fast. And, for the better. Take heart in that, and be part of that change. It is making a difference.”

“Ultimately, marriage equality is going to prevail.”

“I consider it my mission in life to make Americans aware of Japanese internment, that dark chapter of American history.”

“I believe that our democracy truly comes to life as a dynamic democracy. When people are actively engaged in bringing about change, expanding equality for more and more people.”