5 Emmy Moments Everyone is Talking About

Last night, NBC aired the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. It was, for the most part, boring and predictable, but isn’t that usually how these things go? There were some good parts: Key and Peele showed up or any time we got a glimpse of Amy Poehler. Seth Meyers told some jokes that Seth Meyers really liked. Weird Al Yankovic did a thing that killed some time. There was an icky and uncomfortable bit with Sofia Vergera. But really, the Emmys were basically a rerun: many of last year’s winners won again, Modern Family continues its baffling domination, Breaking Bad went out on top, and we were shown that women are meant to be ogled on pedestals. 2014! Anyway, here are five things everyone is talking about.

modern-familyThe Emmys Were A Repeat of Last Year

There were few surprises or upsets — everything was reminiscent of last year’s Emmys, right down to the best drama and comedy winners. The Emmys are like a picky child: afraid to try new things, sticking close to the bland, tasteless fodder it’s used to. Jim Parsons won, again, for best actor in a comedy. Julia Louis-Dreyfus won again. Modern Family, Anna Gunn, Breaking BadThe Colbert Report — all won last year and all won this year. Some of these statues were deserved (Anna Gunn!) but you know, maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit.