The 30 Harshest Comedian-on-Comedian Insults in History

Continuing our beloved series, Flavorwire looks into the rivalries, feuds, frenmities, and good-natured(ish) ribbing of an industry filled with the fragile egos, big personalities, and sharp wits that make for excellent insults: comedy. From Comedy Central roasts to Jay ‘n’ Conan to Twitter spats, there’s no shortage of verbal spats out there, but here’s a selection of the very best. Spoiler: there’s little love lost between Chevy Chase and, well, everyone else.

Patton Oswalt

30. Patton Oswalt on David Cross: “Oddly enough, both Brian Posehn and I were offered the part of Ian, the agent [in Alvin and the Chipmunks]. We both threw the script across the room in disgust. David Cross caught it.” (Turned out to be an attempt at an inside joke, but still. Ouch.)

29. Marc Maron on Patton Oswalt: “Hey, could you call me? I need a long-winded, wordy explanation of something simple.”

28. and 27. Patton Oswalt on Marc Maron: “Just listen to the first ten minutes of any episode of your podcast.”

“I would [jerk off], but every porn site I visit has a ‘Slow Loading Due to Maron Usage’ warning.”

26. Marc Maron on Michael Ian Black: “I was just reading your book. I got mine in the free box at Goodwill…it’s ranked 69,551 in Books! Good for you!”

25. and 24. Michael Ian Black on Marc Maron: “‘Everything is garbage and principles are stupid.’ So you watched your show, huh?”

“I asked how I could find the TV show Maron and [customer service] said they hadn’t heard of it. I described you. The guy goes, ‘You mean Lewis Black?’ I said, ‘Bitter Jewish comedian with a chip on his shoulder about everything.’  They said, ‘Sounds derivative.’ I said, ‘I know.'”