10 Famous TV Locations You Can Visit In Real Life

In honor of Friends‘ 20th anniversary, Central Perk — complete with its massive couch — is about to become a reality this fall in SoHo. While the coffee shop will only be temporary, however, there are plenty of TV landmarks that remain long after the camera crews leave. Here’s a collection of famous locations from rural Washington to the south of England that aren’t a Hollywood backlot.


The Twin Peaks Diner

Though all interior scenes were filmed on a soundstage after the pilot and the diner’s was completely remodeled after a 2000 fire, Twede’s (formerly the Mar-T) is the real life source of Agent Cooper’s “damn fine cup of coffee.” Located in North Bend, Washington, it’s better known to longtime Twin Peaks fans as the R&R, owned by Rashida Jones’s mom Norma Jennings.