10 Funny Film Parody Advertisements

The pop culture ouroboros demands that everything old is new again. In a climate of mashups and remakes where nostalgia is king, it’s only natural that advertisers would turn to the annals of cinema for their next big idea. After spotting the latest in a series of film parody ads promoting Wisconsin tourism (featured after the break), we searched for the funniest spoofs that blend movies, marketing, and laughter. And, well, there might be a few we’re laughing at, not with.


The Wisconsin Department of Tourism wants to tickle your funny bone with a series of ads based on the 1980 comedy classic, Airplane!. Robert Hays and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are back in the cockpit again, reprising their roles from the Leslie Nielsen-starring film. Spoofing the Nielsen’s iconic “And don’t call me Shirley” line, Kareem also references his career with the Milwaukee Bucks. Bonus points for the inflatable pilot and bringing all the cheese.

And here’s the ad from this week.