50 Romantic Novels for People Who Hate Romance Novels

Here’s the thing: sometimes, you just want to read a good love story. Or at least, something with a little sex, a little passion, a few dramatic swoons. But a romance novel, per se? Nothing so gaudy or slapdash for you! You need real literature. Well, person who I’ve just made up (though I know you’re out there), here’s the answer: a selection of romantic books that will rev your motor (emotional or otherwise) but don’t fall into that taboo category of cheap paper and cheaper storylines.


The Remains of the Day, Kazuo Ishiguro

This is the probably the romantic novel in which the least number of romantic things are ever said — or perhaps, “ever admitted to” would be more apt. Ishiguro does everything with suggestion, with light and dark, with a mind that pushes away happiness, and the result is beautiful and heartbreaking and completely the opposite of romance-novel-torrid.