The Uncanny Personal Universe of 10 Artists

On the East Coast, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts is hosting David Lynch’s first major museum exhibition in the United States. David Lynch: The Unified Field explores the director’s personal iconography from his beginnings as a painter in the ‘60s to the present.


Meanwhile, the West Coast is celebrating the work of San Francisco-based artist Matt Borruso at the Steven Wolf Fine Arts exhibit Wax House of Wax. Images of the grotesque, fantastic, and domestic populate Borruso’s cabinet of curiosities—“disparate elements [that] form an uncanny personal universe.”

Taking a cue from Lynch and Borruso, and their idiosyncratic worlds, here are ten other artists whose works form an intriguing personal cosmology and explore the uncanny.




Trenton Doyle Hancock

Shaped by a wide range of influences—including fantastical plant and animal creatures, biblical dramas, and art historical references—Trenton Doyle Hancock’s invented worlds form an explosive personal mythology.