The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made

We’re rapidly inching past the point where great movies of note are making the transition to Blu-ray, and getting more of the dreck — in gorgeous high-def and lossless sound. And thus, this week, we have the Blu-ray release of Congo, the notorious 1995 talking-ape turkey adapted from the Michael Crichton novel. Those who haven’t forgotten it (and most have) hold the movie in fairly low regard; at the time of its release, I can even recall a few tossing it in with the worst movies of all time. But let’s get real: Congo is a masterpiece compared to these true terrors from Hollywood’s hall of shame.

50. Plan 9 From Outer Space

The 1980 book The Golden Turkey Awards crowned Plan 9 the worst movie ever made, and it’s a label that stuck, lending the previously obscure grade-Z sci-fi mess from Ed Wood a bit of unexpected notoriety. And let’s be clear: Plan 9 is awful. But it’s not even the worst  movie Ed Wood ever made (see #26), and it falls squarely into the realm of films that are so poorly done — so incompetent on pretty much every level — that they transcend their terribleness and enter the realm of the comically exhilarating.