Every Martin Scorsese Movie, Ranked

Monday night, following screenings at the Toronto and New York Film Festivals, HBO will premiere The 50 Year Argument, the terrific new documentary celebrating 50 years of The New York Review of Books. It is also the latest effort from legendary — and legendarily prolific — filmmaker Martin Scorsese (co-directing with David Tedeschi, who has edited several of Scorsese’s previous documentaries). So how does it compare to the rest of the Scorsese filmography? To answer that question, Flavorwire presents the DEFINITIVE* ranking of Martin Scorsese’s narrative and documentary features (stretching feature a bit to include long-ish documentaries and made-for-TV works), stacking up 36 films over nearly 50 years.

*(solely the opinions of a single writer/Scorsese fanatic)

Theatrical poster for "Boxcar Bertha"

36. Boxcar Bertha

It says something about the consistently high quality of Marty’s work (we’re on a first name basis, that’s what all his friends call him, y’know) that even his worst film, a Bonnie and Clyde rip-off and Roger Corman special, still hasn’t half-bad. He sprinkles in plenty of atmosphere and some inspired touches, and he ably showcases Barbara Hershey’s earthy beauty and David Carradine’s sideways charm. The gunplay of the final sequence is also impressive; this is one of his earliest pure action sequences, and it is a good one. Bertha is far from essential Scorsese, but there are enough flashes of what was to come to make for interesting viewing.