The Creepiest Furniture Designs

Halloween is right around the corner, but you can celebrate it year round with these creepy furniture designs. When we spotted Yaara Derkel’s mischievous Coppelius chair, which has a fun and frightening secret element hidden within its design (featured, below), we had to explore other furniture pieces that have been transformed into uncanny objects. From insects and skeletons, to the bloody and bizarre, these eerie designs are creepy conversation pieces.


Transforming a common wooden chair into an object of fear, Yaara Derkel discusses the concept behind her Coppelius chair (and in turn, the allure behind the below furniture designs): “It so common and familiar, that it’s hard to imagine as having any sort of duality. The presence of the sitter is also found in his absence—the folds of the cloth, the fissure of the pillow, the scratched timber.”