13 Great Horror Movies to Stream This Halloween Weekend

There are four kinds of adults on Halloween night: the ones who take their kids trick-or-treating; the ones who stay home to give those kids candy; the ones who go out to parties dressed as sexy Ebola nurses or whatever; and the ones who shut off their lights, pretend they’re not home, and binge on horror movies. If you’re in the latter category, this post is for you. Earlier this month, our fringe horror expert Alison Nastasi offered up a few off-the-beaten path Netflix picks. If you’re still looking (or have worked your way through those), here are a few more conventional picks, along with a couple of recent faves and some choices from other streaming services as well. Just click the title link to watch them right now.


Stephen King’s first hit novel was the story of a high school outcast with a Bible-thumping mother and a heretofore unknown gift of telekinesis, which ends up being pretty bad news for the bullies and bitches who turn her prom night into a nightmare. King was not yet a brand name when Brian De Palma made this peerless adaptation in 1976, effortlessly fusing the novelist’s sensibility with his own baroque high style and cooking up one of the best horror films of the 1970s — no mean feat, that. Its hyper-kinetic energy, dreamlike vibe, and inventive split-screens were endlessly imitated (not the least by its own three sequels and remakes), but it remains one of De Palma (and King’s) finest films. (via Netflix)