10 Heavy Metal Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

You don’t have to think for too long to discover the commonalities between heavy metal and Halloween. Evil, horror, blood, gore, and ugliness go hand-in-hand with the imagery often used by your favorite metal band. And even people who don’t listen to metal seem to love to dress up like a campy, C-grade ’80s hair metal band — or, for those with a bit more imagination, a member of Slipknot. But this year, Flavorwire encourages you to think beyond the stereotypical metal-themed Halloween revelry and dig deep into the darker psychological recesses of human existence.

To help you do this, we chatted with Mike McPadden, author of Heavy Metal Movies: Guitar Barbarians, Mutant Bimbos & Cult Zombies Amok in the 666 Most Ear-and Eye-Ripping Big Scream Films Ever! We picked ten horror — or just plain psychologically disturbing films — from McPadden’s book that, while not always “metal” in the strictest sense, spotilight religious and spiritual tropes that are often used within metal lyricism and imagery, with enough blood and gore splatter to make your Halloween evening a memorable – if not disturbing — one.


Autopsy (1975)

(McPadden’s first reaction to this suggestion was “ugh.”)

Mike McPadden: The band Autopsy took their name from this movie, which automatically qualifies this. That band was one of the first to introduce death metal and goregrind, and those bands signify horror movies set to music. It was important in that case, but it was definitely one of the earliest splatter films, and its gross and insane and intense. It’s for fans of the genre – it’s for completists. I wouldn’t recommend it for casual passersby, not because it isn’t intense, but because it’s a bit shitty… but awesome.