Flavorwire’s Guide to Indie Flicks to See in November

The year is winding down, prestige picture season is in full swing, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to separate the studio movies from the brainy indies. So we’ve got an even more diverse slate of must-see movies for November, from social and political documentaries to star-driven Oscar hopefuls to clever genre riffs — a little something for everyone to be thankful for this month.

Point and Shoot

Release Date: Out now
Director: Marshall Curry

Expert documentarian Marshall Curry (Street Fight, Racing Dreams) helms this gripping portrait of Matt Vandyke, an OCD adrenaline junkie raised on action movies and “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. After embarking on a “crash course in manhood” by taking a motorcycle journey through the Middle East and filming everything that happens, Vandyke impulsively leaves his comfortable life in Baltimore to join the Libyan rebels’ fight against Gaddafi. He takes his video camera along again, but must decide whether he is an observer or participant first — “a filmmaker or a fighter,” in his words. Yet that duality is invaluable in creating this thoughtful portrait of the true nature of war, which Curry drafts as a first-person narrative of remarkable images and introspective questions.