5 New Literary Publications to Watch

If you’re worrying about the health of new literary projects: don’t. Although it may seem as if we’re stuck with the perpetual reinvention of old institutions (and there’s nothing exactly wrong with that), things are, in reality, speeding along quite nicely when it comes to new, literary quality publications. There are so many tantalizing forthcoming (and just-begun) projects, in fact, with a variety of refreshing approaches, that we put together this primer to get you ready. These publications promise to deliver the best personal and literary essays, poetry, interviews, and academic writing.



John Freeman was the president of the National Book Critics Circle before he left for London to edit Granta. More recently, he was the author of How to Read a Novelist, an excellent collection of interviews with authors like Philip Roth and Marilynne Robinson. Last month, Freeman published Tales of Two Cities (with OR Books), one of the best recent essay collections on New York City. He is, in other words, a busy guy. His next project is Freeman’s, an anthology-style publication born of a partnership between Grove/Atlantic and the New School. From what we know now, it will publish twice a year, and its ideal readers, Freeman says, are “people who are curious, crazed for fiction, morally engaged, disturbed by the status quo, and who want a reliable guide for the best writers alive.”