10 Shows About Contemporary Life in New York City, Ranked

Today, Vimeo begins its foray into original programming with High Maintenance, a web series that the site picked up after its critically acclaimed first season. The six new episodes (three available now, three in 2015) continue to follow a delivery weed dealer as he bikes around selling to, and interacting with, a variety of customers. Despite the logline, High Maintenance isn’t a stoner comedy but rather a lovely and sometimes poignant series of character studies about multiple eccentric residents of Brooklyn. New York City may be overflowing with material, but it’s a tricky setting to nail down — especially because New Yorkers tend to be hyper-critical while watching our city on screen (really, how hard is it to research basic subway stops?) — so it’s always worth praising when a series gets it right. Here are the ten best and worst currently-airing shows about life in New York City, including High Maintenance, ranked.

tumblr_lrvqwwcgdn1qz5yb4o1_50010. 2 Broke Girls (CBS)

For a show called 2 Broke Girls, you’d expect it to be a little more accurate, considering its entire premise hinges on the most common problem with living in NYC: being broke as hell, all the time. Max and Caroline are only “broke” in the television sense: They live in a Williamsburg apartment with a backyard big enough to keep a pet horse (really). And also, like most of NYC shows shot in Los Angeles, no one has any idea what the subway system looks like in 2014.