25 of Music’s Most Misandrist Anthems


Yesterday, we brought you a playlist of 25 of the most misogynistic songs in music’s long history of misogynistic songs. It seems only fair that we pair it with a playlist of 25 misandrist anthems, but the truth is, the tone is totally different. When men bash women (intentionally or inadvertently), it can easily seem like an unnecessary declaration of further disrespect to womankind. When women hate men, it can feel like they’re fighting the patriarchy following thousands of years of oppression. As Kathleen Hanna declares on Bikini Kill’s “White Boy,” “I’m so sorry if I’m alienating some of you/ Your whole fucking culture alienates me.”

This isn’t to say women don’t go all #banmen (#yesallmen) for a number of different reasons that don’t call out the patriarchy directly. Revenge for sexual abuse and cheating is a common form of misandry within country music and R&B. Riot Grrrl, however, is all about calling out the general injustices towards women within a male-dominated scene. Sometimes the language is extreme, and that’s part of what qualifies these songs as misandrist anthems instead of mere female empowerment tracks — a line Beyoncé walks from time to time. — Jillian Mapes