Reverse SAD: 10 Works of Art That Celebrate Winter

I feel for people with seasonal affective disorder. I really do. And I can sympathize, too, because as soon as spring turns into summer, as the air gets muggy and heat gets oppressive and the big comforter is consigned to the closet for another year, I get reverse SAD. I really do. If you’re like me, this time of year is like waking from a shitty night’s sleep in a room that’s too hot to get comfortable to find that a cool change has finally come — it’s like you can function again, like the brisk wind has blown away a fug of depression and fatigue. And look, even if you don’t feel this way, there’s a lot to like about winter, and many of our greatest artists have done a wonderful job of capturing the mood of this time of year.

JJ72 — “Snow”

Perhaps the angstiest winter song ever recorded, courtesy of underrated late ’90s trio JJ72. Singer Mark Greaney was possessed of a voice that could strip paint from the hardiest of walls, and he gave it full rein on this song, howling “Why won’t it snow/ Like they said it would?” as if the lack of snowfall was the single worst thing that had ever happened to him. If you’ve been waiting all year for the first snowfall, of course, you can probably relate.