The Year’s Most Beautiful and Interesting Art Books

We could argue about the future of reading until the end of time, but there’s at least one type of book that you will always need to hold in your hands: the art book. This collection of ten gorgeous books covers subjects as diverse as tattoos, clothes, space, dogs, glamour, and fishermen. Any of them would make a wonderful holiday gift.

Cheryl Strayed, Writer


Pen & Ink: Tattoos & the Stories Behind Them, Isaac Fitzgerald and Wendy MacNaughton

Based on the beautiful Tumblr, Pen & Ink takes a brilliant concept — hey, what’s the story behind your tattoo? — and brings it to life with MacNaughton’s vivid illustrations and BuzzFeed Books editor Fitzgerald’s knack for getting true, fantastic stories. The respondents range from Wild author Cheryl Strayed to a warehouse manager’s explanation of why “PIZZA PARTY” is tattooed on her toes: “I really fucking love pizza.” The collected portraits are funny and sometimes heartbreaking, and they show human nature and experience in all its endearing colors.

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