Lady Gaga Delights and Terrifies With Cultural References, Fire

Well, fellow adoring fans, it has arrived. The latest visual opus from Lady Gaga involves Hitchcockian puns, a disco lizard ballerina, a polar bear cape, space pods, and plenty of pop culture references we can’t spell out before the jump. Click through for our screen-by-screen analysis of the video for “Bad Romance,” complete with more cultural touchstones than you can shake a stick at (Anna Wintour! Where the Wild Things Are!, Nurse Mildred Ratched!) 12 costume changes, and at least one full disrobing.

01 Bad Romance

What happens when Anna Wintour gets cast in the revival of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

02 Bad Romance

Pod creatures borrowed from the set trailer of Janet and Michael Jackson’s 1993 space duet “Scream.”

03 Bad Romance

Not even Lady Gaga is immune to the charms of Where the Wild Things Are.

04 Bad Romance

She’s professed her admiration of Warhol, why not Jean-Michel Basquiat?

05 Bad Romance

“Black Hole Sun” meets Hello Kitty revisit.

06 Bad Romance

Evil nurses are rife in pop culture. See: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

07 Bad Romance

Say, that looks a lot like Madonna in the “Take a Bow” years.

08 Bad Romance

Time out for a second. Where’s Gaga’s rib cage and spinal column? Or is she fully robotic.

09 Bad Romance

Just another day, pantomiming hand jobs in Britney-approved rhinestones and nude body stocking. Oh wait, no… there’s no body stocking.

10 Bad Romance

Hello, hairless cat. Did you escape from your master?

11 Bad Romance

When in doubt, reference The Matrix.

12 Bad Romance

This one screams Kanye to us: sunglasses, chrome, come to Jesus pose.

13 Bad Romance

Fabulous! Lounge lizard meets disco ball meets ballerina. How in the hell does she walk in those shoes lobster claws?

14 Bad Romance

Looks a bit like Daphne Guinness, no?

15 Bad Romance

This cape is not PETA-approved. confirmed as a reworked piece from designer Benjamin Cho’s 2004 collection. PETA has yet to comment.

16 Bad ROmance

Behold, a woman scorned.

17 Bad Romance

2001: A Space Odyssey meets Wild West hooker party.

18 Bad ROmance

Are we to assume her sparking bosom lit that bed on fire? If so, fantastic!

And in addition to pyromania, psychosis, nymphomania, and narcissism, Lady Gaga suffers from a disease called AWESOME that means she can make anal sex jokes out of Alfred Hitchcock films:

I want your psycho/
Your vertigo stick/
Want you in my rear window/
Baby you’re sick/
I want your love

Now that is talent.