The 30 Best Movie Posters of 2014

The image on its poster often bolsters a good film, leaving a remarkable impression before we’ve even seen it. The image often sees us through the film, casts its own lens over our perception of the whole experience. Of course, there’s no dearth of mediocre films with beautiful posters out there, and these can long outlive their lesser, more time-consuming counterparts. Here, we’ve gathered and ranked the best film posters of 2014 based on both their aesthetic appeal and the ways they work alongside their source material.

Men-Women-and-Children-Poster30. Men, Women and Children — Jason Reitman

This almost didn’t make it onto the list: depending on whether or not you know about the heavy-handedness of this film in regards to the obstacles technology poses to relationships, the poster seems far too on-the-nose. Yet every time I see it (despite the silliness of a couple clutching one another within a Luddite image of celebrity Where’s Waldo?), it makes me want to fall into its warm melancholy and rewatch the film, despite knowing better.