Flavorwire Staffers’ Favorite Films of 2014

Our film editor Jason Bailey already posted his list of the best films of 2014, but, as year-end qualifiers are oh-so-subjective, and as everyone loves the opportunity to gush on occasion, we wanted to give each of our staffers the chance to laud and list their personal favorite 2014 film. With no restrictions on repetition, as the votes started to trickle in, we began to notice something of an Obvious pattern:


Obvious Child (dir. Gillian Robespierre)

I’m going to be heinously predictable and go with Obvious Child. It may not technically be the year’s best movie, but Gillian Robespierre’s feature is one of the few films I’ve watched where I was too busy feeling represented and understood, not to mention entertained, to have any space for a genuine critical reaction. An abortion story with a happy ending shouldn’t be as quietly radical as it is, but that’s the world we live in. — Alison Herman, Editorial Assistant

I didn’t just love Obvious Child because of its message about abortion… although: yay, abortion! I also loved its exploration of a messy, flawed, and funny (and selfish and well-meaning) female protagonist and her friendships. It felt like an extension of what is happening with Girls and Broad City. My runner up is Mockingjay, which really managed to reinforce and provide escape from my bleak outlook on world affairs at the same time — no mean feat. My actual winner is likely to emerge from all the award contenders I’m going to binge on over the holidays. — Sarah Seltzer, Editor-at-Large

I have only seen maybe six or seven movies this year, but I’m confident Obvious Child would still be my favorite even if I’d seen more. — Pilot Viruet, TV Editor