Flavorwire Staffers Weigh in on What Was Criminally Underrated in 2014

It’s tough adoring something that nobody else seems to want to get behind; it leads you to feel isolated in the golden fortress of your own  misunderstood tastes — worse, it can lead you to question, even turn against, your own flawless judgment. Of course, once you’ve done enough pontificating about a good show (or what have you) that nobody watches but must — once, finally, other people show interest in entering your shining castle of excellence — you’ll begin to feel crowded. “I knew it before it really became a thing,” you’ll think. “It’s kind of lost its edge.” But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; this post is but the first, pontificating step. Here’s everything you’re not watching or listening to or liking, but maybe should — everything Flavorwire thought was criminally underrated in 2014. Just know that if and when these things become popular, “we knew it before it really became a thing.”


Manhattan, WGN America

The first season of Manhattan was strong and assured, where geniuses colonize the American desert in order to create a machine that could blow up the world. The ensemble cast was uniformly excellent, the pleasure of watching smart characters was downright unmatched, and the skies of New Mexico and the creepy, unsettling turns that the show could take kept you off kilter. The funny thing about “streaming” services turning to television is that plenty of ink is spilled on the Orange Is the New Black and Transparent, but really wonderful shows on minor cable stations — Rectify and Manhattan come to mind — suffer a bit from nobody really knowing that they exist. Everyone I’ve told to watch Manhattan loves it and I bet that you will too. — Elisabeth Donnelly, Nonfiction Editor