Must-Hear Audio Books Narrated by Pop Culture Favorites

“As a narrator, [Edward] Herrmann has presence, and his rich, patrician voice is unmistakable, but he never upstages the text, instead drawing in the listener with authority and calm assurance. He has a voice we love to listen to,” wrote AudioFile Magazine of the famed character actor who passed away earlier this week. Herrmann’s distinctive tones have elevated the art of the narrator. We’re looking at other famous faces who went behind the scenes to give life to the literature we love.


Edward Herrmann, Life Itself: A Memoir By Roger Ebert

Gilmore Girls star and eerie head vampire in The Lost Boys Edward Herrmann lent his award-winning voice to countless television specials and audio books. The actor gave legendary film critic Roger Ebert his voice back during the writer’s battle with cancer of the thyroid and salivary glands, during which he lost the ability to speak for a period of time. Herrmann narrated Ebert’s memoir, Life Itself. The famed critic wrote about Herrmann’s reading with glowing praise:

Edward Herrmann is a pro. He positions the material in the foreground but he never tries to sell it. He brings it into existence clearly, concisely, with flawless control of timing and tone. It doesn’t sound as if he’s “reading.” It sounds like he might have had these memories — as if he’s confiding events and conversations he remembers. He’s friendly, but not like some affable uncle crowding you on the sofa. He doesn’t insist that we listen.

Herrmann discussed his career as an audio book narrator in an interview with AudioFile Magazine: “I love the spoken-word. I love hearing it. The way the words can seduce you.”