The 15 Golden Globes 2015 Moments Everyone Will Be Talking About


The early through line of the 2015 Golden Globe Awards, to generalize, was: “white men being idiots, everyone else being eloquent and funny.” Hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey set a tone of irreverent feminist fun. Of course there were exceptions and dud moments. This is a Hollywood awards show after all. But with heartfelt shout-outs to gay AIDS victims, rape survivors, civil rights activists, trans people, authentic women characters, and stars’ romantic partners of all stripes punctuating the night, it felt like the notoriously boozy awards show had, at least in some respects, finally caught up with its diverse audience.

Unfortunately, a lot of the late-breaking wins in the big categories, while each deserving in its own right, piled up to create the impression of a “white-out.” It was certainly disappointing to see Selma only walk away with one major award.

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