8 BBC Shows to Watch Before They (Potentially) Disappear From Netflix

The rights to most of the BBC shows currently streaming on Netflix are currently set to expire at the end of the month, and while there’s still plenty of time to renew them, the news has already sparked mild panic in some stateside Anglophiles. (Before you really freak out: Sherlock is safe, thanks to its affiliation with PBS, and Downton Abbey airs on ITV.) Since any excuse to plug quality British programming is a good one, here’s some suggested viewing for the next 18 days. Attempt to watch it all at your own risk.

DOCTOR WHO *embargoed 19th March*

Doctor Who

Netflix currently has both the original series and the revival, now in its eighth season, but for sanity’s sake we’ll advise starting with the newer stuff — there’s 17 years’ worth of backlog to work through if nattily dressed, time-traveling alien hijinks turn out to be your thing. Plus, the new series initially stars Christopher Eccleston, who currently plays Matt the cult-battling priest on The Leftovers. (The cognitive dissonance of watching Peter Capaldi go swear-less on a kids’ program comes later.)