50 Books Guaranteed to Make You More Interesting

Everybody out there could stand to be a little more interesting. Yes, even you, trilingual lion-tamer astrophysicist reader. And you know what makes you more interesting? Books, of course. (You knew it was going to be books, because you’re already a little interesting) But not just any books. Some books have more capacity to raise your interest level than others. As ever, take this list with a grain of salt — after all, for every person in the world, there’s a specific book you could read to make yourself more interesting to them. But since we don’t know whom we’ll meet on any given day, we’ll have to estimate. After the jump, find a list of 50 books that will make you smarter, funnier, deeper, and yes, more interesting — at least to some people.


Krik? Krak!, Edwidge Danticat

You know what makes you more interesting? Reading books by people from places you may not be familiar with. This list will feature a lot of such books, but let’s start with this one, the first collection by brilliant, Hatian-American, Genius grant-winning Edwidge Danticat. These nine stories feature beauty and cruelty, poverty and love, as Danticat’s women try, suffer, cook, and investigate both their close and their faraway heritages, all in truly gorgeous prose. In Haiti, if someone wants to tell a story, they’ll ask, “Krik?” and any nearby person who wants to hear a story will respond with, “Krak!” In this case, such a response is highly recommended.