Flavorwire’s Official Super Bowl XLIX Ads Drinking Game

The average cost of a 30-second ad that airs during the Super Bowl currently tops around $4.5 million. With all the excitement surrounding the largest sports event of the year, this is when companies turn up the volume and pull out their bag of tricks to get your attention. Since you’ll be surrounded by snacks and booze while watching football’s finest, here is a little drinking game you can play when the ads start to go live. Happy Super Bowl!


Take a drink whenever…

a company uses a lost/sick/old animal or a person with an impairment/disability to elicit emotion.

a car, beer, candy, fast food, or soft drink commercial comes on. (We’re here to get you drunk, obviously.)

a bro in a commercial talks about drinking, partying, and/or women.

someone says or does something sexist.

you see a hashtag.