The Worst Special Effects Makeup in Cinema

Bless the Wachowskis and their low-budget Bound, but just say no to the duck lips and terrible prosthetic ears in the newly released Jupiter Ascending, starring Channing Tatum in some of the dumbest special effects makeup we’ve seen in a while. But Tatum is not alone. Hollywood is full of missteps when it comes to makeup on actors — from huge honkers, to old-age transformations, and beyond. Here are ten of the worst offenders in film. Feel free to continue the list with your own picks, below.


Since his days as the cover boy on Tiger Beat magazine, Leonardo DiCaprio’s baby face has wooed millions of moviegoers. Taking an eternally youthful-looking actor and slathering him in terrible old-age makeup is a bad idea, but that’s what director Clint Eastwood did for his 2011 biopic about flamboyant FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Critics like Roger Ebert praised DiCaprio’s “subtle” performance, but there was nothing subtle about the many prosthetics crowding the actor’s face. Leo spent six to seven hours a day in makeup, which included layers of silicone, latex body pads, and a nostril reshaping device.