Love, Lust, Legos and, of Course, Ron Swanson: Links You Need to See

Today is Tuesday, which means it’s time for Parks and Recreation. While watching the newer episodes may be a bittersweet experience — as the show’s final season winds its way to completion — there will always be deleted scenes to look forward to. Here, for example, is a deleted scene of Ron Swanson doing what he does best: using a series of clues, each more intricate than the next, to solve a puzzle. Though the meaning of a “mental sextant” remains unclear, it seems completely relevant, in that it sounds like something you might see in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, out this Friday.

Fifty Shades LegoSpeaking of which: remember The Lego Movie? Full of cute gags and memorable vocal cameos from some of your favorite actors? Remember the heartwarming ending and inspirational message? Remember the epic musical numbers? Get ready for all those memories to be ruined by the Lego trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey.


There’s nothing better than finding a note in a book. We’re not talking about the obscene scrawls found in the corners of your high school text books, but actual letters or messages written to someone, buried within the pages. Here is a collection of love notes found between the pages of the books at the Strand bookstore. 

Beer beer beer

Whether you’re single or have a special someone, Valentine’s Day and alcohol have always gone together. We all know any inevitable, insignificant spats with significant others are best (and if not best, often) paired with a bottle of wine at a dimly lit restaurant. We also know that, for the Valentine-less, insignificant spats with friends, strangers or both are often paired with numerous tequila/whiskey/what-have-you shots at dimly lit bars on lonely, couples-centric holidays. If you’re in the single camp, why not chase those shots with something other than self-pity and loathing, avoid those spats, and make a drinking game out of couples’ enviable affection (and eventual spats)?