The 12 Oscars 2015 Moments Everyone Is Talking About

When the Oscar ceremony’s scheduled end time is three minutes away and they haven’t done Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, or Best Picture yet, it’s safe to say they might not be running the tightest ship over there at the Kodak Theater — not that it’d take that long to figure it out. Yes, tonight’s Academy Awards were crazy long (three hours and 45 minutes, oy) and frequently dull, proving that even presumed host-with-the-most Neil Patrick Harris is fallible when handed the toughest gig in the land. Some thoughts on his hit-and-miss job, and the night’s other memorable moments:

Neil Patrick Harris starts strong

You gotta give it to NPH for knowing where his strengths lie: after a welcome, right-out-of-the-gate #OscarsSoWhite jab (“Today we honor Hollywood’s best and whitest. Sorry, brightest”), he wasted little time getting into a song-and-dance number that was, expectedly, energetic, funny, and smart. (Also, kudos for dropping a Clue reference—Oscar recognition three decades overdue, that.) His early jokes were similarly well-aimed, particularly a jab at his own participation in The Smurfs 2 (“The script ready funny”), and he did manage a few laughs later in the evening, especially a John Travolta bit that was a lot funnier before we all knew Travolta was in on the gag. But…