10 Must-Read Books For March

March means only one thing: the frozen sea inside the heart of publishing is thawing. We will see books — first a trickle, then a flood. This deluge is so enormous, in fact, that we’ve decided to collect some of it in a bucket that we will call “10 Must-Read Books for March 2015.” Inside this bucket you will find Kazuo Ishiguro’s long-awaited follow-up to Never Let Me Go, great nonfiction, a non-diary diary, the “greatest Mexican novelist,” and more. Let the anticipation wash over you.

the buried giant

The Buried Giant, Kazuo Ishiguro (March 3)

Ishiguro, who some consider the best novelist in the English language, is back with his first novel in a decade, The Buried Giant. It has already been panned and praised, so decide for yourself. Either way, be prepared for themes of self-delusion and memory that have guided Ishiguro’s work for years. — Jonathon Sturgeon