The Funniest and Most Vicious Comedy Central Roast Speeches

We’ve reached the “publicly begging people to show up” phase of planning for Justin Bieber’s March 30th roast on Comedy Central; yesterday, the noted Photoshop template took to social media to ask Seth Rogen, whose low estimation of Bieber is well known, to tear him a new one on national television. As the hype surrounding the Kevin Hart-hosted event (Kate McKinnon, presumably, didn’t have time for the gig given her SNL schedule), we’ve rounded up some of the best appearances from the network’s 17-year tradition of having comedians puncture stars’ egos, and each other’s, on camera.

Norm MacDonald on Bob Saget

The defining trait of a roast is its participants’ attempt to one-up each other with disgusting, insensitive, and generally tasteless zingers. Which means the most shocking approach of all might be Norm MacDonald’s 2008 decision to read off a list of toothless, clichéd one-liners. (He later told Marc Maron that he’s not a fan of roasts in general and cribbed the digs from a retirement-party joke book his dad gave him when McDonald started doing comedy.) Watching the audience slowly realize what’s going on, and the comedians onstage lose it, is the highlight of this decidedly trollish set.