Björk-Inspired Tumblr Showcases Female Electronic Artists at Work

“I spend 80% of the writing process of my albums on my own…The 20% of the album process when I bring in the string orchestras, the extras, that’s documented more. That’s the side people see. When I met M.I.A., she was moaning about this, and I told her, ‘Just photograph yourself in front of the mixing desk in the studio, and people will go, ‘Oh, OK! A woman with a tool, like a man with a guitar.'” So Björk told Pitchfork this January; Female Pressure is a response to that advice. The network of female electronic artists posts images of its members in the studio on its Tumblr, and we’ve collected some of our favorites here, along with the artists’ names and a link to their music. Click through and check out the images of women at work.

Image via Female Pressure