2015’s Best New Bands So Far

Ah yes, SXSW. Each year, hundreds of hopeful bands head down to Austin for five days of beer-soaked, sponsor-whoring party-hopping that is all supposedly necessary to “being discovered.” What exactly that means in 2015 demands an answer as multifaceted as SXSW itself, which is to say: there are a lot of ways to get ahead as a new artist down in Texas. One of the best, certainly, is to capitalize on existing momentum.

With that in mind, Flavorwire has highlighted ten of our favorite new musical acts to emerge this year. “New” is a subjective idea here; these days, there are a few ways to be up-and-coming. Some artists on this list — like Girlpool and Tobias Jesso Jr. — initially broke last year but are coming into their own with debut LPs in the coming months. Others — like Juce, Bully, and Leon Bridges — are just starting to have a moment. Meanwhile, Future Brown, Natalie Prass, and Viet Cong are bona fide breakout stars at this point.

Many of these acts will take on Austin this week for big showcases, and hopefully emerge on the other side with even more momentum. Whatever happens, though, they’ve made a solid dent in 2015 so far.