10 Perfect Songs to Greet the Spring

Tomorrow is the first day of spring! The snow is melting, the necessity for wearing every item of clothing you own simultaneously is receding, and it’s still light outside when you leave work (even if they had to arbitrarily steal an hour of your sleep to make this happen). In all seriousness, it’s a lovely time of year, and it needs accompanying music — so here’s a playlist of songs to greet the spring, encompassing everything from Kanye West and Stravinsky to two Australian bands you’ve probably never heard of. Now, go and enjoy the sunshine!

R.E.M. — “The Lifting”

The perpetually underrated Reveal is R.E.M.’s most summery record, and it’s appropriate that opening track “The Lifting” feels like the beginning of that summer. The lyrics are oblique, of course, because Michael Stipe wrote them, and there’s something subtly awful about the idea of being stuck in some sort of self-improvement seminar as the world outside rouses itself from its winter slumber. But even through the window of a conference room, the sky looks beautiful and full of possibility.