10 Small TV Towns with Dark Secrets

Every time we think we’re ready to dismiss M. Night Shyamalan, he reels us back in. The trailer for the filmmaker’s new producing project Wayward Pines debuted this week. If Shyamalan’s The Village and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks made creepy babies, they would probably look something like this TV series. The show is centered on Matt Dillon’s character, “an outsider and Secret Service agent into the depths of the strange little town, as he becomes increasingly aware of its evil underpinnings. He’s aided in his discoveries by a typically rebellious Juliette Lewis.” Since we love a good show about a small town with dark secrets, here are ten other TV towns that have something to hide.


Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks

The woodsy, fictional town of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks is filled with secrets — and the owls are not what they seem. The seedy underbelly of the small town is revealed after the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer. Suddenly, the cherry pie smiles of Twin Peaks’ residents take on a sinister meaning. The richest man in Twin Peaks wants to destroy the lumber mill and has a few unsavory vices. Drug dealers, pimps, and prostitutes seem to run the place, and doppelgängers of the dead wander freely.