Awesome ’80s-Style VHS Covers for Current Movies and TV

Look, nobody really misses VHS. Sure, there’s a small and weird movement of VHS artisans whose nostalgia for their childhood and an apparent love for tracking lines has convinced them that the ugly, low-res analog mainstay is a superior format, and some note that a lot of movies never made the DVD crossover so it’s not a bad idea to keep a VHS deck around (and this is true) — but generally speaking, VHS died because DVD is superior in every way, end of story. But that doesn’t mean those of us who came of age in the VHS era don’t have some leftover affection for the ugly packaging and pre-Photoshop artwork that lined our video store shelves (see, it was this place you went, and you picked out tapes, and took them home and watched them, and came back and paid an exorbitant late fee), which is why so many movie geeks have flipped for “Stan VHS.” According to “Stan”’s Tumblr page, he got the idea of making old-school VHS covers for new movies and TV shows, and posted them on April Fool’s Day, claiming them to be the work of “a Parisian hipster named ‘Stan’ [who] only watched modern films and TV series on VHS.” You can read his full article here, if you speak French; otherwise, here are the clever covers he put together for the project.

VHS-style cover for "Game of Thrones"
Image credit: Stan VHS