50 Great Genre-Bending Books Everyone Should Read

Sometimes, it seems as though the arguments about genre — be it poetry vs. fiction, fiction vs. nonfiction, literary fiction vs. SF vs. fantasy vs. mystery vs. vs. vs. — will never end. So why not just take yourself off the board entirely? After all, marketing professionals aside, does anyone really care what genre they’re reading if the book is good? After the jump, 50 genre-bending novels guaranteed to enthrall you, whether you’re a literary fiction snob or a die-hard fantasy nerd. Enjoy without judgements!


Bluets, Maggie Nelson

This gem of a book, an ode to the color blue that winds up being a passionate story, is technically classified as an essay — but it’s also undeniably poetry, and to my reading, a novel. It’s fierce and beautiful in both mind and heart.