10 Memorable WWE Wrestlers’ Movie Roles, Ranked

It can be argued that wrestling is more acting than athleticism. Wrestlers have a set character that they stick to, a script, and fictional friends and enemies. It’s why WWE Raw works so well as a TV comedy or drama. It’s also why so many wrestlers try to make the jump from the ring to the big screen to see if they can command a movie the way they command a wrestling crowd. Unfortunately, doing so doesn’t always work so well. For every blockbuster starring The Rock are a dozen forgettable straight-to-video action flicks starring whoever WWE is pushing that month. From murderous Santas to Tarzan strippers, here’s a ranking of the 10 wrestlers’ most memorable film roles.

Goldberg in Santa’s Slay

Of all the bad movies on this list, Santa’s Slay is the most notorious. Bill Goldberg stars as Santa Claus in this 2005 dark comedy/horror. Throughout the poorly written movie (his sleigh is driven by “hell-deers”), Santa slides down the chimney and murders unsuspecting families (get the title now?). There’s a whole convoluted plot about Santa being the child of Satan but anyone who watches the movie — generally around Christmas, of course — knows that the fun is in watching Goldberg don a Santa hat while part of increasingly ridiculous murder scenes (involving a menorah, a Zamboni, and a bazooka).