Artist Duo Constructs Stunningly Detailed 100,000-Item Library Out of Paper

“If your brain was a library, what would it look like? How big would the library be and what would it contain? Would it be organized or chaotic? Isn’t it intriguing that this vast storage, a life’s work if you will, is mutable?” These are the questions artist Jonny Love, one half of the duo LoveJordan, poses in describing his and collaborator Samuel Jordan’s The Unconscious Library. The only non-paper objects in their lovely and intricate installation, composed of over 100,000 annotated pieces, are tiny bottles of liquor. Taken together, the paper items, the alcohol that sits among them, and the tags affixed to both create the impression of a library containing the thoughts and memories amassed during the particular unconsciousness brought about by intoxication. Click through to see a selection of images from LoveJordan’s installation, which we discovered via JunkCulture; readers in London can see The Unconscious Library in person May 14-17 at Wimbledon’s Open Studios.

Image credit: LoveJordan