Flavorwire’s Guide to May 2015 Television Finales

So far this week, we’ve said goodbye to the debut season of Gotham and the fourth season of New Girl, signifying that we’re gearing up for the saddest time of the year: the end of the television season. Sure, we have a few anthology series and summer comedy  burn-offs coming up, but the real meat and potatoes of TV — the  prestige dramas and superhero thrillers and addictive sitcoms — are going on hiatus or, in some unfortunate cases, ending forever. Here’s a quick guide of May’s TV finales so you can make sure to follow your favorite shows through to the end.


Thursday, May 7
The Big Bang Theory (8 PM, CBS) — Sheldon and Amy push Leonard and Penny to set a wedding date, presumably to shift the focus away from their own relationship.

Dig (10 PM, USA)

Friday, May 8
Hawaii Five-0 (9 PM, CBS)