10 Design-Savvy Indoor Forts for Adults

The word “fort” evokes images of blanket mountains and childhood hideaways. Designer Kelly English is keeping the fort dream alive with her imaginative thickets made from willow branches and other natural materials. We spotted the adorable forts, inspired by her daughter’s creative playtime, on the website Honestly WTF. Naturally, we had to go searching for a few adult-sized versions — something cozy, design-savvy, and fit for a grown-up frame. Here are a few stylish indoor forts that would be perfect for your summer staycation getaway.


Hanna Emelie Ernsting created the Moody Nest, which is basically the greatest blanket fort ever — and cozier than the one you built as a kid. The designer wanted to create something intimate that offered a feeling of security and comfort, but the Moody Nest is still playful.