50 of the Wildest Post-Apocalyptic Fashions on Film

In his first film in the Mad Max series in 30 years, George Miller returns to the franchise with the skull-cracking Mad Max: Fury Road — starring Tom Hardy as the iconic “Mad” Max Rockatansky. The stench of leather, burnt rubber, and sweat permeates the screen, introducing a whole new set of road warriors who are clad in their post-apocalyptic best. Cinema’s after-the-fall canon is full of outrageous costumes, but there’s also a fair share of movies that predict post-apocalyptic times could look like a sea of khaki. We surveyed fashions from film’s post-apocalypse that inspired us to scratch our heads and hope for a future where citizens of the world feel free to indulge their inner weirdo.


Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985)

Tina Turner’s Aunty keeps her henchmen in line with a chain mail dress that, apparently, weighed more than 121 pounds.