Gorgeous Photo Mash-ups Bring Classic Paintings to Life in 21st-Century Kiev

Great art is constantly reminding us that the past was not so different from the present — that even as human circumstances change, human emotions and interactions remain largely the same. The Ukrainian designer Alexey Kondakov provides visual proof of that observation in his lovely series 2 Reality, which seamlessly places the subjects of classic paintings in present-day Kiev. Angels serenade Mary and baby Jesus on the subway. A group of dancers in various states of Classical undress become a pack of party-goers about to catch the last train home. And the work of such artists as Caravaggio and Holbein is given a stunning new life. Click through for some highlights from 2 Reality, which we spotted via Faith is Torment, and visit Kondakov’s Facebook page to see more.

Image credit: Alexey Kondakov