10 Horror Movies That Were Really Cursed

The Hollywood remake machine shows no signs of stopping — if this weekend’s latest big-screen retelling is any indication. A 3D remake of the horror classic Poltergeist, directed by Tobe Hooper and produced/co-written by Steven Spielberg, hit theaters. The film has garnered mixed reviews, but the movie’s presence recalls stories about the original Poltergeist, which has been dubbed cursed by fans and critics. Read on for the spooky real-life story behind the original film — and several other terror tales that were really haunted and cursed.


Poltergeist (1982)

A young family’s lives are turned upside down when malevolent ghosts invade their home and their daughter is abducted by the evil spirits in Tobe Hooper’s classic horror film, Poltergeist. The movie is widely believed to be cursed due to several real-life tragedies involving the untimely death of co-stars Heather O’Rourke (who played little girl Carol-Anne) and Dominique Dunne (who played older sister Dana). O’Rourke passed away due to a medical misdiagnosis, while Dunne was murdered by her boyfriend. Many believe the curse was sparked by the use of real human skeletons as props (plastic ones were more expensive to make). In one scene in the film, brother Robbie (played by Oliver Robins) has a poster for Superbowl XXII in his room — which would take place six years later in 1988. O’Rourke died the day after Superbowl XXII in San Diego — the same city where the game took place.