Flavorwire’s Complete Guide to Summer 2015 TV

The 2014-15 season just ended, but we won’t even get a chance to catch our breath before the summer TV season kicks into high gear. We’ve already had plenty of highs and lows in May, and the next three months are going to keep it up with nonstop programming. From the much-anticipated return of addictive series like Orange Is the New BlackPretty Little Liars, Hannibal, and BoJack Horseman to a variety of new series — science-fiction dramas, reality shows, and fun comedies — there is no shortage of television to keep you indoors during those too-hot days. Here is Flavorwire’s rundown of the most notable series to mark down on your calendar.

New series in June:

June 1: 
The Whispers (ABC) — Steven Spielberg executive produces this creepy thriller about a strange “entity” (OK, it’s definitely aliens, even if ABC is trying to maintain some mystery after retooling the pilot) invading earth and posing as children’s imaginary friends as they attempt to achieve world domination.

June 2: Stitchers (ABC Family) — A supernatural procedural about a young woman in a secret government agency where she routinely gets “stitched” into dead bodies in order to solve murders.

June 5: Sense8 (Netflix) — Maybe this is the summer of science fiction, because we can also look forward to Andy and Lana Wachowski’s (The Matrix) Sense8 (“sensate”), a Netflix series about eight strangers who find themselves mysteriously connected after a tragic death.

June 7Serial Thriller (ID) — Investigation Discovery’s three-episode, three-night miniseries marks the network’s introduction to scripted programming. Based on a real-life serial killer (whose identity won’t be revealed at first), Serial Thriller — get the title? — tells the “personal stories of the residents, the victims and those in charge of the criminal investigation.”

June 8: Odd Mom Out (Bravo) — In Bravo’s second scripted series, Jill Kargman (who created the series) deals with the “uber-wealthy mommy clique” in the “treacherous and elite ecosystem of New York’s Upper East Side.” Basically, she’s not like a regular mom. She’s a cool mom.

June 8:
Becoming Us (ABC Family) — ABC Family has had a string of poignant, emotional teen dramas, and this one looks to follow suit. In Becoming Us, a teenage boy navigates everyday life while also learning that his father is undergoing a gender transition. Think: the teen version of Transparent.

June 11: Women in Prison (ID)  — The simplistic description for this docu-series is “the real-life Orange Is the New Black.” The three-episode series follows the lives of actual women in prison, explores how they got there, and documents their relationships behind bars. 

June 16: Clipped (TBS)  — TBS continues its stream of unremarkable comedies with Clipped, a Massachusetts-set sitcom about a group of classmates from high school who now work in a barbershop. Ashley Tisdale, Lauren Lapkus, and Ryan Pinkston star.

June 18: The Astronaut Wives Club (ABC) — Originally set to air during the 2013-14 TV season, The Astronaut Wives Club is finally premiering in June. The drama is about seven women who were, well, the wives of astronauts. 

June 18: Complications (USA)Burn Notice‘s Matt Nex creates another perfectly USA show for USA, this one centering on a doctor who experiences complications when he saves a boy’s life and becomes a vigilante hero.  

June 19: Catastrophe (Amazon) — In this serialized, six-episode British comedy import, Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan star as a couple who try to begin a relationship after a short fling leads to an accidental pregnancy. 

June 21
: Ballers (HBO) — Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars as a retired football player who now manages young athletes. It’s being promoted as a sort of sports version of Entourage, but The Rock can pull off anything.

June 21: The Brink (HBO) — In one of the summer’s weirdest-sounding series, Jack Black and Tim Robbins team up for a comedy about a geopolitical crisis in Pakistan. 

June 23: Another Period (Comedy Central) — Comedy Central’s historical satire is most notable for its stars and cameos: Riki Lindhome, Natasha Leggero, Michael Ian Black, Paget Brewster, David Wain, and Christina Hendricks.

June 24: Mr. Robot (USA) — USA’s other new original drama is Mr. Robot, starring Christian Slater as an anarchist who recruits an antisocial programmer (Rami Malek) into an underground hacking network. 

June 26: Humans (AMC) — Speaking of robots, AMC’s eight-part drama set in a parallel universe centers around must-have robotic servants (known as “Synth”) who look eerily like the human who owns them. You know, because owning robots has never gone wrong. 

June 30: Scream (MTV) — Leave it to MTV to be the network that offers up a television adaptation of Scream in 2015. The (very) meta-horror comedy begins, of course, with a YouTube video that leads to murder. 

June 30: Zoo (CBS) — Based on James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge’s novel, Zoo follows a series of violent animal attacks across the globe, as animals try to take back the world from humans. Feel-good summer thriller!