10 Essential ’90s Beach Party Music Videos

It’s summer (well, allegedly, anyway), and if you live near the beach, that means beach parties! If you’re in the middle of Brooklyn, however, it means drinking warmish beer on a grubby rooftop and pretending that, hey, you could be on a beach if you close your eyes and pretend hard enough. Alternatively, you could also retire back into your fan-less bedroom and watch music videos on YouTube. Specifically, you could watch videos featuring beach parties, of which there have always been a large number — and never moreso than in the 1990s, when pretty much every remotely upbeat song had a video featuring sun, sand, surf and skin. Here are ten of the best (along with a special bonus that really is the best).

Coolio — “Fantastic Voyage”

This endlessly enjoyable 1994 video opens with Coolio and his friend Spoon discussing how great it would be to have a beach barbecue, ideally in the company of some ladies. Unfortunately, they don’t have a car — just a sad, broken-down bike. But in our hero’s fantasy, that contraption is transformed into a classic convertible, ready to ferry a literally unlimited number of Coolio’s pals to an epic — and crowded! — party at what the map identifies as “da’ beach.” Was it all a dream? We may never know. — JB