10 Sexily Packaged Netflix Streaming Movies That Are Not Even a Little Bit Sexy

I see you, Internet. Every week, we do a nice little roundup of the new releases of note on the DVD/Blu-ray shelves and the streaming services, and it gets a fair amount of traffic — solid, nothing spectacular — and that’s that. But last week’s column was huge, far and away the column’s high point and one of our most clicked posts of the week, though the movies in it weren’t blockbusters: the modestly performing Will Smith vehicle Focus, the K-Stew military drama Camp X-Ray, Ava DuVernay’s indie breakthrough, an ‘80s Mickey Rourke movie. Oh, and it included the documentary Hot Girls Wanted, Netflix’s recent Sundance pickup about the horrifying exploitation of young women in the world of “amateur” porn. The disproportionate popularity of our post that mentions that title made me wonder if Netflix is seeing the same kind of traffic — if they maybe even bought the movie in part because it’s got such a click-friendly title. And all I can say, having seen Hot Girls Wanted, is that any late-night dirty-movie creepers who click “play” based on that title are in for a big, big disappointment. Which prompts the question: How many more Netflix streamers sound like they’re gonna be sexy, and really, really aren’t?

Poster for "Sexy Baby"

Sexy Baby

What it looks/sounds like: The cover image shows the legs and feet of three young women, so there’s a little shout-out to the foot fetishists; the stills in the description screen feature a trio of attractive young women. Netflix tags it as “steamy” and “controversial.” Maybe it’s a coming-of-age, young-and-sexy movie, eh?
What it is: Yeah, not so much. This is the previous documentary by Hot Girls Wanted directors Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus, focusing on the increasing sexualization of young women, and the pressures society puts on girls to be sexual, at earlier and earlier ages. Good luck enjoying that, perverts!
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