8 Comics for Literature Lovers by Drawn & Quarterly


This month — a special one for lovers of comics, cartoons and graphic novels — marks the release of Drawn and Quarterly: Twenty-Five Years of Contemporary Cartooning, Comics, and Graphic Novels. To celebrate the book and Drawn & Quarterly’s 25th anniversary, we’ve asked creative director Tom Devlin to provide a “random list of his favorite comics” for our literary readers.


I Never Liked You by Chester Brown

“This book came out years before I worked at Drawn & Quarterly, and for many of those intervening years I declared it the greatest graphic novel ever produced. That may still be true. I’ve reread this book more times than any other comic. When the comics that make up this book came out, we were in a mini-renaissance of cartoonists pushing themselves and the boundaries of comics expression. Chester was ahead of the pack and probably still is. This book is the single most emotional comic ever made in North American comics. Young Chester is so numb and so terrified, it practically spills off the page. His mother’s neediness is shocking and sad and so revealing. As a shy high school kid, I could see myself again and again in this book. At the end when Chester chooses to listen to a crappy rock record instead of trying to engage in the difficult terrain of managing a relationship, I saw my young self and quite possibly most of the young men I ended up befriending in comics and music fandom over the next several years.”