50 of Film Noir’s Most Fashionable Moments

This summer, our own film editor Jason Bailey is leading a course study discussion group for TCM’s film noir class Into the Darkness (free and online), taught by Richard L. Edwards, Ph.D. of Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir podcast fame. Watching all this noir has set our fashion-loving hearts aflame. Inspired by detective tales, featuring dangerous dames and tough guys galore, noir’s greatest characters were always dressed to impress. Fashion in film noir was dazzling, but often deceptive — carefully selected to convey a character’s ulterior motives. Noir continues to inspire designers today, but we’re keeping it old school with a look back at some of classic noir’s most fashionable moments.


Sunset Boulevard

Dramatic, slightly eccentric, and just a little bit older than the era, Edith Head designed the fashions for Gloria Swanson’s faded silent film star Norma Desmond.